something much more revealing and Andi can't help but stare at her. Inside the car, Gloria and her husband, Markus, are driving home after a business meeting. The personnel problems (poor training, failure to conduct background checks, etc) contribute significantly to the abusive atmosphere at these prisons. . 'You promise you'll let me go after?' Andi asks. It was there that a judge accused GEO Group of allowing a cesspool of unconstitutional and inhuman acts and conditions to germinate, the sum of which places the offenders at substantial ongoing risk. 'We are she replies. 'He just needs a little push.' Markus says nothing. Markus rolls down his window and the nervous girl peers inside at them. Classical music is blaring. California IS addicted TO prisons What makes this call to action all the more important is that its coming from California, which not only has one of the highest incarceration rates in the nation, but has one of the highest incarceration rates for women. . Take, for example, the case for 73 year old prisoner. In 1999, the, aP reported that the state of Texas terminated GEO Groups (then known as Wackenhut) 12 million a year contract to run a jail in Travis County due to mismanagement that eventually led to eleven guards and one case manager being charged with. This one is young. Markus follows, leading Andi out by the hand.

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